I’ve made Irish Soda Bread before with a different recipe so I had a basic idea of how it should look.  This recipe has no sugar so it is more like bread and not as sweet as a scone.  I added a cup of dried cranberries to the recipe.

Dough before baking

Finished product- Irish Soda Bread

I was invited to a St. Patrick’s Day party on Saturday night and brought the bread.  It was a big hit and disappeared fast!  I had some flour on the outside, I probably should have kneaded it a bit more but I was trying to keep handling to a minimum per the recipe suggestions.  When I was a teen and learning to bake, my mother used to say, “don’t handle the dough, you’ll make it tough!”

For April, we will be making Pizza Rustica and Lemon Loaf Cake.  Stay tuned!

Links to the recipe and other bakers work can be found here: