Oasis Naan

Our hosts for this recipe are Maggie of Always Add More Butter and Phyl of Of Cabbages & King Cakes. Visit their pages for beautiful photos as well as a copy of the recipe.

Oasis Naan is a deceptively simple leavened flatbread. The recipe calls for 10 minutes of kneading by hand but I used my stand mixer instead.  After making the Pecan Sticky Buns dough in the mixer, I thought I would try it since the dough hook worked so well.  I’m a stand mixer novice, having used a hand mixer from 1960 that I inherited from my Aunt Crystal to make all my cakes for the last 20 years.  It still works, but is now largely retired since I recently purchased a KA stand mixer.  It has made quite a difference in my baking by making previously difficult recipes much easier.

The Naan dough came together easy.  I made 8 breads, none with scallions and baked them for 10 minutes on my pizza stone.  I topped them with salt and cumin.  I also did top one with cinnamon sugar for my kids.  I could have baked them longer but it turned out ok since we saved 3 naan for the next day and used them for mini pizzas.  They weren’t hard and crispy the first time around so they did well in the oven a second time as pizza.

Naan Dough

Naan docked with a fork. I only had one blow up like a football. I don’t know why since it seemed I used the same technique on all.

Baked Naan

Re-purposed the next day as Naan Pizza

Stay tuned for French Strawberry Cake on June 19th

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