Hazelnut Biscotti

Our hosts this week for Hazelnut Biscotti, p. 315 in Baking with Julia are Jodi of Homemade and Wholesome and Katrina of Baking and Boys.  Check out their blogs for beautiful photos and copies of the recipe.

It’s July and the idea of baking is far from my mind.  I try to grill as much as possible to keep heat out of the house.  With the high temps in mind, I decided to make my Hazelnut Biscotti after dinner.

Logs ready for baking

It is 10:00 pm on Monday night and my biscotti are halfway done.  They are cooling after the first baking and waiting for the second baking.

Biscotti in the oven for the second baking

I made the biscotti according to the recipe with hazelnuts/filberts as they were labeled in Whole Foods.  I had never blanched nuts before but I have blanched tomatoes and the process is the same

10:30 pm, biscotti done, 4 eaten to make sure that they were “done”.  I also had some Frangelico on the side with ice.  Not bad for TWD.

The biscotti were tasty and crunchy and easy to make.  The addition of Frangelico gave the biscotti a sweet hazelnut flavor that was delicious.  Thumbs up for this recipe in our house.  Enjoy them with coffee and a splash of Frangelico!

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Links to the recipe and other bakers work can be found here: