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The idea of making a blueberry and nectarine pie appealed to me on so many levels.  I’ve spent many a summer picking blueberries, both cultivated and wild.  They are my favorite fruit of the summer.  When the rest of my family is eating strawberry rhubarb pie, I’ll take the blueberry.

I’m not a proficient pie maker.  I’ve only ever made apple pie and after a few tries, I can make a fairly decent pie.  This is my first pie using other fruits.  I enjoyed making the pie, it tasted great, but was runny.  I was advised (after the fact) to add tapioca as a thickener from my mother.  My nectarines were very ripe and juicy-  I plan on making another pie before the summer is out and will try the tapioca.  So many bakers remarked that their pies were runny, perhaps the ripeness of the fruit contributed to the pie issues.  I reduced the sugar to 1 cup since my fruit was very sweet and that seemed like a good amount. Any suggestions or comments are welcome!

Juicy Nectarines!

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