Nectarine Upside-down Chiffon Cake

Visit our hosts this week: September 4 – Nectarine Upside-Down Chiffon Cake – Marlise of The Double Trouble Kitchen and Susan of The Little French Bakery.
Their blogs have the recipe and wonderful examples of this cake.

I finished this cake on Monday night, about 9 pm.  Of course, the note on this cake states that it is best served the same day it is made.  I had the best of intentions to make the cake during the day, but one thing lead to another and I was baking at 7 pm.  I had help this time though – here we are mixing the meringue into the cake batter.

Mixing the meringue into the cake batter

One advantage of being late to the party is that I read some of the P & Q on Tuesdays with Dorie and I incorporated many helpful hints into the cake making such as:

  • use parchment paper on the bottom of the spring-form pan to prevent sticking
  • bake the cake for closer to 60 minutes if needed to make sure the center is done
  • My center caved in just like others – why?
  • Eating two pieces of cake before bed is not recommended

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Links to the recipe and other bakers work can be found here: