This week is Best Ever Brownies.  I was very excited to make this recipe – it seemed easy and I love Brownies.  Everything went smoothly.  I made a switch on the chocolate to use what I had on hand – I used 2 oz of unsweetened chocolate and 4 oz of bittersweet chocolate.   After reading the comments on the P & Q, I decided to use a metal baking pan instead of glass so that they would bake faster.

I put the brownies in the oven and put on some music…  while I was enjoying Stacy’s Mom by Fountains of Wayne, I didn’t hear my buzzer go off.  I’m not sure how long they baked, but it was definitely too long.  They weren’t burned, just dry-ish.  My test kitchen staff (kid 1 and kid 2) did NOT like them.   I thought that they were ok but probably would have been better if I had tended to my baking time better.  I am planning on freezing them and serving them at Thanksgiving as an alternative to pie. I will make sure to offer a beverage with them to help them go down!  If you want to see how they should have been done and to get a copy of the recipe, check out Monica’s work on A Beautiful Mess.

Dry and crumbly, yum? 😦

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