This week at TWD, I had a wonderful opportunity to bake a delicious bread.  The Finnish Pulla (p. 106) was surprisingly easy to make and even easier to eat.  I made the bread in my trusty KA and it rose nicely for the first rise.

For the second rise, I divided the dough in thirds, made long rope to braid and put it all together.  I found that if I used my pizza dough method of letting the dough hang and stretch, the rope came out nice and even.  I misjudged having enough time to finish the second rise and bake before attending a showing of A Christmas Carol, so my bread was left for 3 hours.  It was quite puffy when I returned, but the finished product was great.  Pulla 013

This recipe is my favorite so far.  The flavor of the cardamom was subtle, the texture of the bread chewy but light.  I love Challah bread, but I think this Pulla is better.  For the recipe and more info on making Finnish Pulla, visit our host Erin of The Daily Morsel

While I was writing this post, I couldn’t help but think that baking is an ordinary task and my post writing so routine.  It is unbelievably sad that so many parents will never be able to be “ordinary” again.  I’m not an eloquent writer but I’d like to express my sympathy to those families who lost loved ones at Sandy Hook Elementary.  While we may continue on with our mundane and ordinary lives, we won’t forget about you or your loved ones.  

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