French Apple Tart on pages 379-381.  Our host this week is Gaye of Laws of the Kitchen.  Check out her blog for the recipe and more detailed how-to.

I couldn’t wait to try this recipe.  The tart is made in several steps and it took me about 4 hours to make the whole tart.  The crust came together easily.  I used my removable bottom tart pan for the first time since purchasing it about a year ago when TWD first started.

I peeled the Granny Smith apples, tossed them with sugar and cinnamon and bread crumbs(?) and baked them for the filling.  I was a bit skeptical about the bread crumbs but they worked.  My apples didn’t release their juices as the recipe stated — probably because it is January and the apples aren’t that juicy anymore.  In any event, I mashed them, added them to the crust and then arranged the sliced apples on top.

I had to bake each step about 5 minutes longer than the recipe called for, maybe my oven is off a bit.  I need to buy an oven thermometer.

ready to bake

ready to bake

French Apple Tart

The verdict?  Delicious!  The only change I would make is to use fresher apples in the fall here in NE when they are moist and tangy.

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