This week’s recipe is Foccacia (p. 143) in Baking with Julia.  Our host this week is Sharmini of Wandering Through .  Check out her blog for pictures and the recipe.  But buy the book if you can, it’s chock full of wonderful recipes – I’ve even made a few!

I’ve been baking with Tuesdays with Dorie for about a year now.  I’ve had some hits (Finnish Pulla and Blueberry Nectarine Pie) and some misses (Cranberry Walnut Pumpkin Loaf).  I can’t really say whether it was the recipe or me.  The most likely culprit was me.  You know what I am leading up to…..  Foccacia was a miss.

I followed the recipe carefully, but for two exceptions.  I cut the recipe in 1/2 and made two smaller foccacias and I didn’t mist the inside of the oven with water.

I am going to turn both of them into pizzas since they are rather flat and don’t have that nice bubbly crust.  Mine rose nicely, but after 24 hours in the fridge, they didn’t rise on baking at all.


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