Ready for baking

Our recipe for this month is Buttermilk Crumb Muffins from Baking with Julia.  These were quick and easy to make.  The recipe said to eat same day, so I made them at breakfast and they were gone by the next day.  Our host this month is Alisa of Easier Than Pie.  Check out her blog for the full recipe and step by step instructions.

I used my KA to blend the ingredients, I think the batter came out smoother that way.  I also used the dreaded solid vegetable shortening, aka, Crisco.  I’m not sure when the recipe was written but it must have been before our awakening to the dangers of trans fats.  The “new” Crisco says that it contains 0 trans fats, but I would still rather use butter in a recipe if I can.

I do like to follow the recipe exactly or as close to exactly as possible.  There are other very talented bakers at Tuesdays with Dorie who substituted apple sauce or yogurt for the Crisco.  Check out their blogs too for those ideas.

I only made 12 since I really didn’t need to eat all those muffins!  I tossed the rest of the batter.  I would probably have made 16 or 18 if I had used all the batter.  I thought the muffins were just ok- not a ton of flavor, very understated.  My kids however, loved them and they each took one to school the next day.

Monica of A Beautiful Mess will host the Best Ever Brownies on November 20.

Links to the recipe and other bakers work can be found here: